We are absolutely passionate about sharing real life best practice to build the skills of future industry professionals. With a sector that is constantly evolving, and at pace, it is essential that the most relevant knowledge and skills are accessible to enrich learning, strengthen competency and enhance employability. With unprecedented challenges in 2020 for students, apprentices, training providers and employers, Dermalogica is thrilled to be making our undergraduate programme accessible industry wide to all students and apprentices not just for now during the pandemic, but ongoing. We believe this can help bridge the gaps to current skill requirements, and boost motivation of learners to stay the course into an incredibly exciting and rewarding vocational career.   Candice Gardner –  Education Manager


This is what one of our Partnership Colleges says about our programme.

Dermalogica’s core aim is education! They provide all Partnership Programme students with the tools and knowledge to be as empowered and as successful as possible. This is so important in our industry right now!!

As you know the (Dermalogica) training opportunity, we provide our students as part of this programme, has always equipped them with additional skills employers are looking for, it’s such a fundamental step-up in their career. However, this new opportunity is pushing that to a whole new level. 

To see the students faces light up, to hear the roar of excitement (for some “a dream come true”) and give them that extra bit of motivation they all need right now, was priceless. The Level 3’s, missed such a large chunk of their education last year and are now faced with the same challenges this year. We have all been concerned about the amount of practical input our students are missing out on, so for them to attend these workshops and observe treatments being performed is really refreshing for them. Canterbury College

*(Please note treatments are performed on a life size dummy head and showcased through video during restrictions)

Massive thank you to the Dermalogica team for all your amazing training. It’s fantastic to learn about different products and techniques and we all obviously love the awards for our CVs. Your workshops have been amazing and the educators made it not only educational but fun as well so thank you again! Anyone who is thinking about training… do it! – Tammy Langham