Q1. What is the point of publishing the discretion now when salons will be able to reopen on April 12?

A1. The view among our employer stakeholders, who assessed different options, was that they are needed because there are numerous apprentices delayed in or at gateway. There are commercial constraints still applicable in our sector workplaces in relation the movement and numbers permitted on site, which will still be restricted after they reopen on 12 April.

The intention is still for the EPA plan to be delivered in the usual way where possible and COVID 19 safe.
But this new discretion will provide flexibility for assessment to be delivered in a different way for as long as it is needed due to COVID-19, which will give apprentices a fair chance to complete.


Q2. What changes have been made to the flexibilities for these apprenticeships and which apprenticeships now qualify for these changes?

A2. Apprentices completing the following standards will now be able to complete their EPA without close contact assessment:
ST0213-Hair professional
ST0630-Beauty Therapist
ST0636-Beauty and make up consultant
These new measures, introduced in addition to special measures previously introduced last year, will support more apprentices to finish their apprenticeships and progress into successful careers or higher-level apprenticeships.


Q3. Who was involved in the decision-making process?

A3. The trailblazer steering groups, route panel representatives, EPAOs, and regulators were consulted.

Q4. What grades can apprentices using this new route expect to receive?

A4. Apprentices will be allocated a maximum pass grade if this new EPA discretion is

Re-sits and re-takes are not offered to apprentices wishing to move from pass to a higher

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