The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in restrictions to beauty apprenticeship education and training during the spring and summer of 2020. Guidance has been provided by the Government, with varied opening dates for businesses. Some services and treatments were not permitted to open, and it is possible that the public health restrictions may continue to occur either locally or nationally during the rest of the year. We know that both employers and training providers wish to continue with delivery of apprenticeships, the mandatory on-programme diploma qualifications and EPA. In this paper we will set out the factors we are proposing to enable the mandatory on-programme diploma qualifications and EPA of beauty apprenticeships to continue.

This statement’s aim is to provide clear direction, guidance, and support for employers, EPAOs, training providers and apprentices. It is provided in relation to temporary adaptions for the beauty apprenticeship suite of mandatory on-programme qualifications (diplomas), flexibilities and dispensations for the EPAs due to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the sector and will continue to have when we are able to return to work. New ways of working will be required. Maintaining professionalism, competency and standards is key to the sector retuning to a new normal and assuring public confidence.
Impact of proposed changes to competency levels
As detailed in our previous joint industry statement, supported by key industry organisations, it is important that any adaptions, flexibilities or dispensations to the mandatory on-programme qualifications or EPAs, maintain the rigour and validity required and do not devalue the apprenticeships, leading to confusion over levels of competence.


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